• I would love to try Skydive Dubai! How much is it?
  • 2000 AED.
  • How much is that in Euro?
  • 460€
  • Oh wow…is it worth it?

When I came to Dubai I thought I would never Skydive for a high price like this.

Now that I did it I am so glad a changed my mind! And here is why.

Skydive Dubai is located in Dubai Marina close to Zero Gravity Beach Club. You can book your jump online, and you will be asked to pay half the price as a deposit. Book a couple of weeks in advance and be sure about your schedule since there is no refund unless the jump is cancelled due to weather conditions or other reasons from the companies side.

Getting ready to Sky Dive

Once you arrive at the Skydive Centre you can check in, and after a few minutes you will meet the 2 people you will be jumping with:
Your professional tandem partner and your personal photographer and video recorder!

My tandem partner explained everything I needed to know before the jump and answered my only question “How many jumps have you done before?” with “Oh I am very new in the business!” Of course, he was joking. He had decades of experience, like all instructors in Skydive Dubai. I received my equipment and got my first video taken before take off. She asked me things like “Is it your first jump?” and “Do you remember what you have to do up there?” etc.

We arrived at the aircraft and after takeoff, as we climbed higher and higher, I got more and more excited. My adrenaline level rose while my heart beat got significantly faster. The first tandem couples started to jump and I couldn’t help it but scream when I watched them fall! Don’t enter the aircraft last on the ground, so that you are not the first one at the exit when it comes to the jump. It’s amazing and funny to watch others jump out before it’s your turn!

Goggles on, knees bend, arms crossed, head back, JUMP!

I had been dreaming all my life to experience the sensation of a free fall. The 60 seconds felt incredible. I screamed for the first few seconds and the memory seems blurred due to the sudden forces on my body, but I always kept my eyes open to enjoy the full view – I didn’t want to miss out on anything. We reached the full velocity of 200km/h, and at this point, it feels more like flying or floating in the air, than actually falling. Everything was filmed, and it was good fun. Remember to enjoy every moment and don’t get too distracted by the camera!

Back to earth with parachute

Once the parachute had opened the camera girl disappeared, she continued falling down fast while we did some spins and stunts in the air and came back for a smooth landing. We could collect our videos on a USB stick after 45min and the result was amazing video memory of my jump!

In conclusion, I can say that Skydive Dubai is well organized and timed. We never had to wait for too long and everyone was friendly, helpful and professional. I am so glad I decided to invest into this experience and Dubai!

Check out my video!

Have you Skydived before? Where? Share your experience in the comments below!


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