Since my very first layover in Singapore I am in love with the place.

There are plenty of things to do since the city offers a vibrant nightlife, unique sightseeing and a wonderful natural landscape. I love finding a garden, a mountain or an island to explore when I spend a layover in Singapore. I would like to share my favourite outdoor experience so far: Pulau Ubin Island!

Butterfly hill and exotic mangroves

If you want to see a different kind of Singapore than you are used to from the pictures without spending a fortune, Pulau Ubin is the place for you to go to. To reach it, you can take a boat for just 3SGD and enjoy a fun ride with nice views.

Once you arrive you will have plenty of options to rent a bike from 10SGD. The quality of the cheapest bikes is not the best, so I would recommend you to spend a few dollars more on a slightly better one. My cheap bike gave me a headache whenever the route was not completely flat!


Cycle up to butterfly hill and keep your camera ready, as you will find an amazing variety of butterflies between colourful flowers and bushes. You might come by an ancient Chinese cemetery along your way and take a break to enjoy this unique atmosphere. You will find lakes and beaches and monkeys running around or falling from the trees. They are cute and fun to watch, but keep in mind that they are wild animals and must not be fed or touched. Special attractions are the mangrove forests that can be explored on the island as well.

This island will take a full day, so grab some snacks and bring enough water for your trip. Once you return your bike you can enjoy delicious local dishes and a cool beer in one of the outdoor restaurants around.

If you are not a big fan of cycling, you can choose to just run or walk around the Island. There is also an option for kayaking: Starting from 80 SGD you can join a 4 hour program with 2 hours spent in water at 9.30 or 13.30.


Directions: How to get to Pulau Ubin from CITY HALL metro, the centre of Singapore:

Take metro to from City Hall directly to Tanah Merah. Go down and take exit 1 to your right and wait for bus 22. It will cost 2SGD each way, make sure you bring cash cause drivers don’t have change. Go to the last stop, Changi Village. From there you will easily find the boat!