Ever dreamed of escaping the real world for some time to live on a beach camp in the rainforest while sleeping under palm trees?

Stop dreaming and just go find the secret beach on Penang, Malaysia!

Whenever I do a solo trip I don’t plan much – all I always do is to check Couchsurfing.

This is how I found this amazing place called “Lazyboys” on Monkey Beach.

Bring your hiking gear to reach this secret paradise and enjoy trekking through the rainforest for 1 to 2 hours. Walk through an idyllic landscape in the national parc, pass by wild monkeys and look out for birds and flying lemurs in the trees as well – you might be lucky enough to spot some of these animals. Alternatively, you can hire a boat at the entrance of the national park.


You can drop Azlan, the freaky and fun owner of the Lazyboys Camp a message and prepare yourself to hang out with interesting people, play ukulele and contribute to the community in some way. This might be in form of cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, fishing, make fire or whatever you are good at. You can choose to spend the night in one of the tents which are already set up, reserve yourself a hammock, sleep directly on the beach or do it like me – sleep on the box-platform under the free sky and wake up under palm trees!

You don’t pay for your place to sleep; you just contribute 15 Malaysian ringgits (=3€) and you will receive 3 meals a day.


There is absolutely no Wifi available, so unless you got a local sim card you will be cut off from society. Don’t worry but enjoy this! I had such interesting and fun conversations, nobody was distracted and I could finally fully relax and not think about anything but the beauty of the moment.


Plan to climb to the lighthouse on top of a 227m hill one evening around 6pm to enjoy a stunning view on the sunset. Don’t forget to bring flashlights, as it will be dark once you head back. Watch your step or you might trip over like I did and injure yourself. Wounds get infected easily there and I was lucky that one of my travel buddies I had made along the way was carrying a first aid kit and took care of my hand.


If you are up for another trek, you might wanna go and find the turtle beach on the other side of the national park. You can spot turtles there almost all year long as different kinds of turtles follow different seasons.


There is one flushing toilet available at the camp. The shower you can expect is a bucket shower – the water comes from the jungle and runs into huge buckets, and you just pour water over yourself with a little container. If you are particular about hygiene and prefer having your own bathroom on trips, you can visit the national park for a nice day trip!