Hi there!


My name is Anna I am from Austria and my passion for travel has made me to what I am now: A flight attendant working for a Middle Eastern airline based in Dubai.

This job allows me to travel all around the world and I created this blog to share my crazy travel stories and exclusive travel tips with you.

I love to travel on a budget and generally avoid hotels and fancy restaurants. When I travel by myself I usually use the platform Couchsurfing to meet other travellers or stay with local hosts. On some trips I might also choose to stay in a cheap hostel.


This blog is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Travel Stories
  • Inspiration & Guides
  • My Dubai

In the section “Travel Stories” you will find out a lot about my adventures, for example you can read how I ended up being evacuated from the mountains of Nepal or laugh about one or the other Couchsurfing experiences.. Articles contain a lot of helpful and funny details about the places visited that you will probably not find anywhere else on the net.

Under “Inspiration & Guides” I am sharing a brief summery of the place I visited. It is written to inspire you to explore the place as well and give you specific ideas of what to do there and how to get around.

“My Dubai” is all about Dubai life! I will share must-see places, secret spots, what’s going on in the city and of course how to survive in the desert.
If you live in Dubai as well and want to share some useful info in this blog, please feel free to contact me!


Sit back, relax and enjoy your read!