Sri Lankan: Ayubowan Restaurant

Get ready for some real Sri Lankan food in Ayubowan Restaurant located in JLT. It is a casual place nicely decorated in Sri Lankan Elephant Style. On a screen you can watch videos that show places to visit on the island. This restaurant offers amazing dishes, my favourite being Fish Ambulthiyal with rice. It is prepared in a clay pot with a number of different spices and lemon, which make the flavour of the fish unique. I would recommend you to order it with any kind of curry you like, for example the potato mustard curry. As a starter a curry leaf soup is a healthy option.

You might also want to try lamprais, which comes wrapped in a banana leaf. It has cashew curry, cutlet, chicken, sambal (a spicy chilli sauce), aubergine and rice cooked in spices.

Whenever I go there I have a (non alcoholic) ginger beer with the food, since they offer my favourite ginger beer brand “EGB” (Elephant Ginger Beer)

Sri Lankan food is generally spicy but you can always ask to adjust the level of spiciness.

Adress: Lake Point Tower, Cluster N, Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai


They offer delivery service.


Filipino: Dampa Seafood Grill

Would you like to try real filipino seafood and don’t mind your fingers getting messy?

Then the “Dampa Restaurant” in Deira is the perfect place for you to explore.

In this restaurant they throw all the food directly on top of the table and you can eat everything with your fingers. Don’t worry, the table is covered with clean sheets.

The most famous dish is Dump-@-Seafeast, where they mix grilled shrimp, mussels, crab, clams and corn together and serve it with unlimited rice. You can choose the way it should be prepared for you from the menu. We tried the “Cajun” since the waiter recommended us this style that is typically filipino. You can order anything extra from the menu for an extra charge. The feast includes two 1-litre mocktails which are exclusive in the restaurant. We tried the “Incredible Hulk”, which is a Mojito with cucumber (very refreshing) and the Green apple with Lemon. All together this menu only costs 139 AED and you will definitely be satisfied with the amount of food provided.

If you would like to keep your hands clean, there are gloves available to use on the table.

Adress: Near Copthorne Hotel in Deira, Baniyas Road

Tower B, Centurion Tower, Behind Day to Day, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai


Indian All You Can Eat BBQ: Abs Absolute BBQ

This restaurant guarantees excellent service, a great variety of food choices, amazing tastes for meat lovers and definitely a full stomach once you are done.

The concept of the restaurant is that you choose whatever you would like to eat (different vegetables and meats) and while the side dishes will be freshly prepared, you can grill your meat directly on the table. Additionally you can take anything from the buffet, including sweet desserts and ice cream. You have starters, main course, and buffet.

I really enjoyed the starters the most and to be honest I was almost full after having tried everything! The staff continuously comes over to the table to offer you food they are carrying as starters, for example grilled cinnamon pineapple (we could not get enough from it) and meat skewers. The buffet was all right, but I’d recommend to keep most of the space in your stomach for the starters and the main.

Some meat grills were too spicy for me, but you can always tell the staff that you prefer medium or not spicy at all.

The price is really great for the amount of food you will eat. The cost will depend on the timing you choose to eat there and varies between 59AED – 85AED per person. Making a reservation is recommended. Find the exact prices and the menu here:

Location: Mezzanaine Floor, Centurion Star Tower, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai (close to the Dampa restaurant)


Lebanese: Abd El Wahab

This restaurant is located directly at the Dubai fountains at Dubai mall and therefor offers a great view of the show if you book a table on the balcony. Book the table in advance to secure yourself good views! The food is tasty and really affordable, especially when considering the great location.

I would highly recommend you to order Hummus Fatteh, which are chickpeas topped with warm yoghurt, bread and pines. It’s my favourite and I always have it as a starter. I tried several dishes from the category “From the Grill” and it was always good – not outstanding but definitely price worthy.

This place is perfect for you if you want to enjoy Lebanese cuisine at an amazing location for comparably little money.

Location: Exit Dubai Mall at the water fountains and cross the small bridge in front of you. Turn right and then left to enter the mall. The restaurant is on the first floor just above the fountain show.

Find more Info and the menu here:


Indian Vegetarian Restaurant: Kamat 

I love Indian food, and one place I can really recommend is Kamat, a vegetarian restaurant located in Business Bay. The waiters are usually nice and the food tastes amazing. They have a wide variety of choices, but if you are not very familiar with this type of food it might be difficult to choose from the menu because the terms are all Indian. I let the waiter recommend something to me that was not too spicy and received a dish called “Veg Lahori”, which I liked a lot. I had rice and some cucumber salad with yoghurt with the dish. I have tried a number of dishes and I enjoyed every single one. The price for 1 person is about 30-40AED including a drink and a salad, so it’s really cheap.

Location: Bay Avenue, Business Bay. Ground level Executive Tower G. Close to Spinneys supermarket


North Korean: Pyongyang Okryu-gwan

This place is bizarre and definitely worth a try if you want to mentally leave Dubai for some time and dive deep into the North Korean culture. The atmosphere is authentic and funny; everything is very Korean, decorated with flowers, paintings and matching chairs around ballroom style round tables. There are Karaoke rooms available in case you fancy a singing session before or after your dinner!

The waitresses are cute and hardly speak English, but there are pictures and English explanations in the menu. We ordered a lot of different dishes to try since we came as a big group. Some of them were better than others but each was an experience itself. At 8pm all waitresses suddenly started to perform songs and dances on the stage in front and entertain their guests. This was a lovely surprise and made the experience complete!

We paid around 80-90 AED each and left happily and with a full stomach!

Location: Ground Floor, Business Village, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai

Find more info here (unfortunately not the entire menu is available):